Ouch! Rare Footage Of Minnie Riperton Being Attacked By Lion!

Posted On : October 20, 2015


We know that recording artists work hard to showcase their best work, from getting the right compression on their vocals when recording, to executing the picture image for the album cover. Back in the day when we will still buying vinyl albums, we seems to value this more as we smelled the album, touched it, read every word on the insert and the back cover. We appreciated the entire body of work, but nowadays, we download a single and a cute little image appears on our mp3 player. That’s it. Now let’s throwback to 1975.

Songbird Minnie Riperton released the album “Adventures In Paradise”, which featured one of her iconic songs, “Inside My Love”, but little did we know the price of getting this picture perfect album done. She was attacked by the very lion that we see here on the cover. Oh no…I love everything about this album and just about every song that Minnie has blessed us with, so I was taken aback when I saw the video.

She made it out fine, but what as she is attacked and explains to Sammy Davis Jr., and Richard Pryor what happened.

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