Patti Has A NEW Product! Walmart’s About To Cash In AGAIN!

Posted On : January 4, 2016

Today (1-4-2016) the legendary Patti LaBelle announced that she is gracing us with yet another one of her delicious food products. No it’s not her pies, and all we can say is somebody over in the marketing division of Walmart is definitely recognizing that there is power in Patti supporters’ dollars.

So what are Patti and Walmart about to hit us with this time? Patti’s cakes…BAM! No we’re not talking about the type of “cakes” Rihanna sings about, we’re talking about Patti’s real baked cakes, with frosting on top, made from her secret recipe.


Happy New Year Everybody! Let’s get 2016 started with #PattiCake! My new vanilla pound cake is shipping to #Walmart stores now. Check it (and #PattiPie) out at! XO!

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Okay now let’s look at this for a moment- the last time Walmart released Patti’s pies, it only flew off the shelves after her fan, James Wright Chanel, took to Youtube to sing it’s praises into the million plus sales stratosphere. This time around, Patti is coming back fresh off of the heels of that infamous viral video pie success and the question is: Will she be able to do it again? Walmart thinks so and they just might be right, because as it stands right now, James’ viral video has opened Patti up to a whole new audience and put her on the minds of 20 something year olds who live, breathe, and eat on social media.
patti labelle10It’s funny how life works out sometimes. I’m pretty sure that if someone had told Patti 30 years ago, that her popularity would be even further expanded because of a pie recipe and a video by a young Youtuber, she probably would have thought somebody was pranking her.

It’s good to see that after Patti initially downplayed the affect that James’ viral video had on her pie sales, that she has finally decided to get with the program and accept it for what it is. She’s not only a sangin’ somebody, but she’s a wise, humble woman and that’s why we love us some Patti LaBelle.

Will you be making your trip to Walmart to scoop up your new Patti’s cake?


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