OMG! Pebbles Just Claimed Under Oath That T-Boz Said THIS About Chilli

Posted On : October 3, 2015

fb4 pebbles and tlc Is this feud between TLC members T-Boz & Chilli vs. their ex-manager/singer Pebbles ever gonna end? Not if you leave it up to Pebbles it won’t…at least not any time soon.


It’s been about two years now since the  VH-1’s TLC movie, Crazy, Sexy, Cool: The TLC Story, came out and revealed just how shady the relationship allegedly was between TLC and Pebbles. Before the ending credits were barely done rolling after the movie premiered in 2013, it seemed like Pebbles was already everywhere doing interviews to defend her name and defame TLC’s character, because she claimed that their version of the truth was actually full of lies. Ever since then, Pebbles has been on a legal seek-and-destroy mission against Chilli and T-Boz, or so it seems.

The most recent claim by Pebbles is that…

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