So Sad: This Milli Vanilli Singer Lived A Hard Life After Their Success

Posted On : April 8, 2015

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The first recollection we have of Pilatus’ struggles came a year after Milli Vanilli sold 7 million records and ultimately were publicly humiliated after they were busted for lip-synching their entire multi-platinum album, Girl You Know It’s True. After winning their Best New Artist Grammy in 1990, they returned their trophies and their album became the biggest-selling album ever to be permanently deleted from a record label’s catalog.

His suicide attempt>>>>

In 1991, Pilatus called the Los Angeles Times threatening suicide. He had downed a fifth of bourbon, swallowed five dozen tranquilizers, slit his left wrist with a shard of broken glass and slowly crawled out onto the railing. He eventually was rescued from a the hotel balcony by police. Here’s what Pilatus once said about that day:


“I can still see myself dangling there nine stories above the Sunset Strip.”

“I was shaking and I was crying and I could feel my arms getting weaker and weaker. I wanted to die but I was too scared to let go. So I just hung there waiting for the medication to kick in, hoping that at some point the drugs would just cause me to drop.”


Pilatus blamed the suicide attempt on the lip-sync scandal; problems with his family, including a recent call (at that time) from his adoptive mother during which, he said, she requested he change his name, claiming that various European media reports related to the lip-sync hoax had disgraced the family; a break-up with his girlfriend; and a visit from his then 4 year old son, whom he hadn’t seen in a year.

Rob Piltaus’ crime spree and pimp-slapping antics>>>

Pilatus continued his downward spiral and December 1995 is when things really got out of control for him: He attacked a…

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