What The…?!! Is Toni Braxton Dating THIS Hip Hop Star?!!

Posted On : May 10, 2016

Oh boy! Word on the Old School curb is circulating that Toni Braxton just may have a new man and he is a man that we all would probably LEAST expect! At this point there is no official yay or nay from either one of them, but ever since they were seen allegedly comfy cozy with each other backstage this past Sunday for Toni’s performance at Grammy Park in Brooklyn, NY., folks have been talking. The backstage section at Toni’s performance was sectioned off, so only a few select people were allowed back there and one of the chosen few was this rap star. This also isn’t the first time rumors about them have surfaced…


IS TONI BRAXTON REALLY DATING THIS RAP STAR? Ya'll are gonna flip out over this one, because this alleged oil and water couple does NOT match...

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