Police Officer Retires Singing Boyz II Men’s Classic Jam! Watch This!

Posted On : September 30, 2015
Police officer sings...
Police officer sings…

In case you needed a lil’ bit of a pick me up today, check this video out ILOSM family.

A police officer for the Madison Police Department in Wisconsin, decided to record his last day on the job. Let’s just say that he was highly inspired by the movie, Cooley High – you know the song that played during “Cochise’s” funeral scene? And he also paid homage to Boyz II Men’s rendition of that same song when he sat in his patrol car and sang with all his might, “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye,” which was dedicated to his years spent on the police force.

Watch Officer Derrick Jones perform his ‘exit song’ and tell us what you think about it…

The brotha didn’t sound horrible, but he didn’t sound amzing either…but I think that’s something he already knows. So it’s safe to assume that he won’t be pursuing a singing career after he officially turns his badge in. Maybe he’ll be cuttin’ up as the guest singer for his family’s reunions and soulful karaoke events though…I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid.

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