Pray For Chaka: Cancels Shows, Enters REHAB 2nd Time In TWO Yrs,Details..

Posted On : July 10, 2016

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ILOSM family let’s send Chaka Khan some positive energy and support to help her get through another battle with drug addiction. It’s just been reported that Chaka has canceled all of her upcoming July performances to enter a rehab facility for the 2nd time in just 2 years.

According to ABC10, a representative for Chaka confirmed that “addiction rehabilitation and aftercare program, which has forced her to cancel all her scheduled July performances. Chaka struggles with a dependence on prescription pain medications, according to her representative, and she has voluntarily entered the program to get healthy.”

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Chaka has always kept it real about her drug abuse past and present. Prior to this new rehab stay, Chaka appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” in 2014 and revealed that she was fresh out of rehab at the time. Chaka told Wendy that she has “no regrets” about her drug past, because she wouldn’t have learned to be who she is today, without falling and getting back up as a stronger person. She also revealed that she and actress, Lindsay Lohan, were in there together and had become pretty cool with each other as they both tried to shake their habits.

The early 70’s is when Chaka’s addiction began and in her book “Through The Fire” she revealed that when she first started out, singer, Etta James, who was by then very addicted to heroin, tried to warn her not to do drugs by using herself as an example:

Chaka wrote: “She said to me, ‘Whatever you do, if you wanna be in this business…’ showing me the tracks on her arm,… ‘do not do this.’ I said, ‘Oh my God! Don’t worry, I won’t.’ And I didn’t. I snorted heroin for a good 10 years and I did cocaine, but I never injected.”

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Chaka once told Mail Online: “I was in my 20s, and I was singing with the band Rufus. We were taking cocaine all day and working 12, 13, 14 hours in the studio.”

Some were surprised to see that Chaka played such a huge role in singer, Miki Howard’s life, after learning about their close friendship from Miki’s recent biopic. In the movie, Chaka was played by her daughter, Indira Milini Khan, and much of the portrayal of Chaka was about how she was the one who introduced Miki to cocaine and how they always got high together.

Many worried that Chaka would be disappointed with her portrayal, but she set the record straight when she posted this on Facebook soon after the biopic aired:

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Stay strong and get better soon Chaka! The ILoveOldSchoolMusic family is rooting for you!

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