UPDATE: R.I.P., It’s Confirmed, “Tommy” From Martin Has Died At 52

Posted On : October 12, 2016

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Details via TMZ: Tommy Ford — who played Tommy on the ’90s hit show “Martin” — has died … TMZ has learned. Tommy passed away Wednesday in an Atlanta hospital surrounded by family and friends. As we reported, Ford had been on life support after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. He was initially hospitalized Sunday, and his health had declined since. Family made the decision to turn off support this afternoon.

Our deepest condolences go out to Tommy’s wife, family and children during this heartbreaking time. Tommy Mikal Ford gone way too soon, but will NEVER be forgotten. Rest well Tommy.
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Send prayers to the family of Tommy Ford. One of our favorite characters who famously played Tommy on the ’90s sitcom “Martin” — is on life support at an Atlanta hospital.

Conflicting Reports:

There are conflicting reports that he has actually passed away, but he was certainly on life support after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. Most news outlets are reporting that he has died, but the information has not yet been confirmed by his family.

Declining Health:

His wife tell TMZ that Ford has been hospitalized since Sunday and his health has declined ever since.

He is currently on life support and is not expected to make it through the day.
Earlier, Ford’s friend, Anthony Anderson, tweeted that Ford had died — but at the time, he was still alive.

Ford’s wife, Gina, says the family is still praying for him.

Tommy starred in all 5 seasons of “Martin” as the title character’s level-headed best friend, who often played a straight man to Martin’s crazy antics.

He also appeared on “New York Undercover,” “The Jamie Foxx Show” and “The Parkers.”
Ford also wrote children’s books that promoted drug-free and violence-free lifestyles.

Before His Declining Illness:

Before his death, he had a knee replacement surgery as he shared on his Instagram.

I'm having a Knee Replacement surgery this morning. Please keep me in your prayers! Love you all! #kneereplacement #surgeryday #tommyford #earlymorning

A photo posted by Thomas Mikal Ford (@bigtommyford) on

@bigtommyford Hey Family…I thank you all for all your prayers…God heard you!!! My doctor was a little surprised that I was stronger than anticipated for an old fat fart replacing a knee. He said he knew the knee was bad but after opening me up it was much worse than he thought, but God is good! I passed the test and was released a day earlier! I’m in a little pain which is expected after a major surgery but I started therpy this morning and on my way to recovery! Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement! Love y’all!!! #thepowerofprayer #kneereplacement #recovery #therapy #blessed #newday #godisgood

Best Laughs!

ILOSM fam’ as we continue to send prayers up for Tommy Ford and his family right now, let’s also take a moment to reminisce about some of the best laughs Tommy gave us on Martin with these clips…

Part 1

Here’s Part 2

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