Prince Just Got Slapped With A Lawsuit, But Is This Fair?

Posted On : March 28, 2015

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Word on the Old School curb is that Prince just got hit with a big, fat lawsuit from music producer producer, Jolene Cherry. Cherry is suing Prince over one of Michael Jackson’s former background singers, who is also a former contestant on The Voice, Judith Hill.

This lawsuit doesn’t seem warranted, well at least not as far as Prince’s involvement, but apparently this lawsuit is going after Prince hard because the producer, Cherry, claims that Prince deliberately jacked profits from her. Here are the details according to TMZ:


Singer Judith Hill made a name for herself on “The Voice” in 2013. Sony got interested in her. Ditto Jolene Cherry, the famed producer who first eyed Lady Gaga. Sony and Cherry partnered and claim they signed her to an exclusive recording deal.

A few months ago, Sony and Cherry heard rumblings that Hill was meeting with Prince for a recording session. They warned her to stop earlier this month, only to learn that she and Prince recorded an entire album — 11 songs — and released it Monday as a free Internet download.

Cherry is now going after Prince with a vengeance, courtesy of her lawyer Larry Stein, asking not only for regular damages but punitive damages for underhandedness.


Here’s what Judith Hill’s lawyers are saying though:

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