Prince Home Opening For Tours BUT Estate Reportedly Wants Fam’ To Do THIS

Posted On : August 25, 2016

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It’s official, in October 2016, Prince’s Paisley Park home in Chanhassen, Minneapolis will become the new “Graceland” of soul music history and will be open to the public. Fans have hoped for this day ever since Prince’s untimely passing in April.

Paisley Park
Prince’s Paisley Park home

The fan Paisley Park museum fan tours will be ran by Graceland Holdings, the same company that’s been running Elvis’ Graceland museum tours since 1982. The company will receive 50% of the revenue generated from the tours and the rest will go to Prince’s estate, currently being overseen by Bremer Trust Bank.

Prince's only full sibling, Tyka Nelson
Prince’s only full sibling, Tyka Nelson

Prince’s sister, Tyka Nelson, is loving the idea, but apparently not all of the family is. TMZ reported that Bremer wants the opposing family members to hush up and here’s why:

Tyka Nelson, is reportedly on board with the Elvis plan, but sources close to the heirs tell TMZ not everyone in the family agrees. We’re told the dissenting family members objected, in part, because Graceland Holdings has previously had financial problems.

We’re told Bremer’s currently negotiating with the family in hopes of getting everyone on board, but that’s more for PR purposes. Fact is, the tours are going to happen … but it seems the bank just wants to make sure Prince family members don’t publicly bad mouth the deal.

Elvis Presley's 'Graceland' home
Elvis Presley’s ‘Graceland’ home

As of today, Graceland has seen over 20 million fan visits since 1982 and generates approximately $600,000 per year. We’re assuming Prince’s Paisley Park tours will do the same throughout the next 30+ years.

But only time will tell if the estate overseers were successful in with their alleged attempt to silence Prince’s other family members.

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