Prince’s Family REJECTS Jay-Z’s $40M Deal & Claims He Owes Them HOW MUCH?

Posted On : November 13, 2016

Word on the Old School curb is that Jay-Z was trying to buy Prince’s unreleased music catalog (you know all of that music inside Prince’s highly talked about Paisley park music vault) for $40 million and had even reportedly met with Prince’s only full sibling, Tyka Nelson, and her husband, Maurice, to discuss the details…
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Well now, things have taken a complete turn for the worse because according to TMZ, the rest of Prince’s siblings do NOT want Jay Z to swing in and scoop up that massive catalog which by the way, is probably worth a helluva lot more than $40 mil’ just saying.
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As if it couldn’t get any worse for Jay Z regarding the Prince fam,’ they’ve now flipped the script on him and are reportedly claiming that he owes THEM money. Here’s what’s being reported:

Via TMZ: Prince’s estate wants nothing to do with his offer to snatch up any of the late singer’s music catalog. Sources involved in the deal tell TMZ the estate fired off a letter to Jay’s team last month, saying it had no interest in signing a deal for “Roc Nation to exploit any of the intellectual property assets of the Estate.” […]


Jay Z had offered around $40 million to take control of Prince’s unreleased tracks. More bad news — the estate is calling out Tidal for making 15 Prince albums available for streaming a couple months after his death. Those releases were unauthorized according to the estate. Translation: You’re gonna owe us some dough. The estate does acknowledge Prince made a deal with Jay for the 2015 release of his final album, “HitNRun Phase One” — but also says it hasn’t found proof of a $750k payment to close that deal.

Damn, did Jay-Z’s Tidal service really try to come up off Prince’s death without authorization? Only time will tell if that allegation is true, but please say it ain’t so Jay-Z!

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