Prince’s Love Child DNA Results FINALLY Released, Here’s What Mom Has To Say

Posted On : June 23, 2016

ILOSM fam, the results of Prince’s highly publicized DNA scandal are finally in. Remember the man who’s been proudly claiming to be the “Son of Prince”? Well, it turns out he actually isn’t the son of the Purple One. According to TMZ, the official DNA results have confirmed that Prince is not the father of Colorado inmate, Carlin Q. Williams.

THE MAN CLAIMING TO BE PRINCE'S SON RAPPED ABOUT KILLING HIMFor the past month, Carlin and his mother, Marsha Henson, have been making headlines with claims about her sexual encounter at a Missouri hotel back in 1976. She initially claimed to have conceived Carlin the night she and Prince were together. Now, that the DNA results have been released, you won’t believe what she has to say.

Despite the confirmation, she’s not buying it! After the results were made public, Marsha was interviewed by Associated Press. She still doesn’t believe Prince isn’t her son’s father. “I don’t believe that. I think they’re positive,” she said.

fb prince side eye in rain

Carlin is one of approximately 700 people who have claimed to be related to Prince. If he had been Prince’s heir, he would have been the only person to inherit his $300 million estate. But, now that the DNA results have proven otherwise, his siblings will most likely inherit the wealth.

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