Prostitution, Drugs & An Imaginary Lover? Who Is Prince’s Sister?

Posted On : April 27, 2016

At first glance of Tyka Nelson’s story, some would probably think that she was a little off of her rocker. She is the younger sister of Prince and she’s been making headlines as she is thrown into the spotlight after Prince’s death on April 21, 2016. The life of Tyka Nelson hasn’t been easy, but it’s safe to say that it’s been pretty bizarre. Here’s Tyka Nelson’s story in an 7 image slideshow.

Who Is Tyka Nelson? 

tyka-album-hustler The fact is that Tyka isn't necessarily crazy, but was battling many inner struggles throughout the years that ultimately led her to drug addiction and to prostitution. In 2003, Tyka Nelson did an interview that raised many eyebrows after she revealed why she was selling her body...

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We wish her the best with it. Tyka’s ambition to still keep striving for her goals and for her sobriety is very inspiring and we respect her for being able to be so open about her trials and her triumphs.


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