R. Kelly Checks Interviewer Over Past Sex Assault Claims, See How

Posted On : November 17, 2015

r. kelly11

“I don’t know those people you’re talking about.”

I clarify: his brother, his ex-publicist, his former friend and longtime personal assistant.

“All those people have been fired by me. If you’re going to ask me these questions, you have to make sense out of it. It wasn’t until after they got fired that they said these things. Go figure. I got one life, and I don’t want to spend it talking about negativity. I’ve moved on. Maybe you haven’t.”

r kelly4In another recent interview with Vulture, Kellz referred to his career and the stigma that hangs over his head as a continuous gift and curse…

“I’m going to always have the gift along with the curse,” he says, after we’ve finished listening to his album. “I feel like I got a million people hating me, I’ve got maybe 8 million loving me. So I’ve got 9 million talking about me, and in a strange, magical way, it keeps me in the game.”

marvin and janis
Marvin Gaye with his wife, Janis

Let’s look at some parallels for a minute: There have been several artists who came before Kelly who were actually proven to have had sex with and/or dated underaged girls, but they didn’t get the same public backlash as Kelly got when he was facing his underage sexual misconduct allegations that he was found not guilty of. Marvin Gaye began dating the mother of his children and ultimately his wife, Janis Gaye, when she was 17 and he was 34 years old; Elvis Presley started dating his future wife, Priscilla Presley, when she was 14 years old and he was 24, and the list goes on. Why is that?

Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla
Elvis Presley and his wife, Priscilla

– Could the only difference be that the internet didn’t exist back then?
– Or that the ability to videotape and dub a VHS tape for bootleg distribution (as was the case with the alleged 2002 R. Kelly sex tape) was not yet popular in 1973 when Marvin met Janis, and it didn’t even exist in 1959 when Elvis started dating 14 yr. old Priscilla?
– Or could it be that the world didn’t want to see these iconic music legends in that light, so they turned a blind eye to it?

The one factual difference between R. Kelly and artists like Marvin Gaye and Presley is that Kelly’s was allegations that were never proven to be factual; and Gaye’s and Presley’s were factually proven details about their relationships as documented and confirmed by either themselves, or their spouses throughout the years.

Nevertheless here we are 13 years after the allegations against Kelly surfaced, still watching him have to answer questions that he will probably be answering for the rest of his life. It’s quite interesting to watch, when watching it with a neutral vision.

rkelly Here at ILOSM, we always call a spade a spade, no matter who the celebrity is. We stick to the facts and not to any biased opinions we may hear. So when looking at this entire picture with an unbiased outlook, here’s what we see: On June 13, 2008, R. Kelly was found not guilty on all 14 counts of sexual allegation claims stemming from a 2002 release of a sex tape claiming it was him having sex with an underaged girl. Today he has now been able to reconnect with his fans and his music has somewhat (though not completely) overshadowed past allegations. So really, what else can be done for those who still assume that Kelly’s guilty? Nothing. Now don’t get me wrong, have people who have actually been guilty, been proven not guilty in past court cases? Absolutely. So it’s not that it isn’t possible, but in R. Kelly’s case he was proven not guilty.

This is a word to all of our readers: The bottom line is that here in the U.S., our judicial system is not about what’s right and what’s wrong, it’s about how well you can play the game.

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