R. Kelly Claps Back After Being Sued By Woman’s Husband For Weirdest Reason Ever

Posted On : December 5, 2017

R. Kelly has found himself in the midst of controversy yet again, except this time it has nothing to do with “sex slave” allegations, but everything to do with sex. This is one of the oddest lawsuits we’ve witnessed in a minute, but apparently Kellz has a real life “Trapped in the Closet” situation going on and now he’s clapping back at one husband’s allegations…

Deputy’s Initial Claims Against R. Kelly

May of y’all may recall when we told you about a Mississippi deputy sheriff, who is suing Kellz. As we previously reported, Hinds County, Mississippi deputy, Kenny Bryant, filed his complaint on April 21, 2017. He’s accusing Mr. ‘Bump N’ Grind’ of having an affair with his wife, Asia Childress. The woman reportedly admitted to sleeping with Kellz prior to their wedding back in July of 2012. According to Bryant, R. Kelly and Childress sexed each other up again in October 2012, just months after the wedding.

In addition to the cheating claims, Bryant- who is suing for “emotional, psychological and financial loss”- also claims his wife contracted chlamydia from R. Kelly. He also claims that his wife persuaded him to relocate from Mississippi to Atlanta, presumably for career advancement, but now he believes it was so she could be closer to Kelly and continue their alleged affair.

In case you’re wondering why in the hell the husband is going after R. Kelly, instead of his allegedly cheating wife, Alicia Childress, it’s because Mississippi is the only state where a person can sue another for ‘destroying their marriage.’ And who better to sue than a rich person, right? Crazy I tell ya’…moving on…

R.Kelly Responds To Deputy’s Lawsuit

R. Kelly

Months after Bryant’s lawsuit was filed in court, R. Kelly has now filed some legal paperwork of his own. In a nutshell, Kellz is saying what most people are thinking: that he ain’t got a damn thing to do with the breakup of the deputy’s marriage, that is between Bryant and his wife. Here is what was reported:

Via TheBlast– Recently, Kelly filed documents saying he does know Childress, but denies he slept with her and caused Bryant’s marriage to crumble. Kelly says he doesn’t owe Bryant a dime and wants to see the entire case thrown out. The singer claims that through his investigation, he has learned Bryant has had multiple adulterous relationships while married to Childress. Kelly also believes he has have uncovered evidence that proves Bryant fathered a child outside his marriage and that he has made romantic advances to his co-workers.

Kelly claims Bryant used his resources as a law enforcement officer to further his personal agenda and misused the legal system to perpetrate an attempted extortion against him. Kelly is seeking Bryant’s phone records to prove his case and says Bryant is the one doing the actual harassing. The case is still pending.

It’ll be interesting to see how this thing plays out. We’ll keep you posted though.

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