Did R. Kelly’s Comments About Being In Love With Mother Go Too Far?

Posted On : January 27, 2016

r-kelly-thoughts-of-mother-featureWow! So where do we begin? The question is; Did R. Kelly’s comments about being in love with his mother go too far? Well this steams from a recent interview with GQ Magazine where R. Kelly recorded video snippets of his thoughts, ranging from his relationship with his mother, to R. Kelly singing his life story. But in this less than 2 minute video, he spoke about a memory of his mother, and how he would drink from the same cup as she would, that he was madly in love with his mother and asking his mother to marry him. Yes, he asked his mother to marry him!

Now our take on this is, if this were someone like Malcolm Jamal Warner or Will Smith recalling the precious memories of the loving relationship with their moms, then we would be grabbing the tissue while filled with emotion of something so sweet. But with R. Kelly, we’ve seen comments where folks have said he has the Oedipal complex. The Oedipal complex is a child’s desire to have sexual relations with the parent of the opposite sex. Now I think that that’s going a bit far. Take a look for yourself and tell us… is this an young man expressing loving feelings for his mom, or something else?

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