Really? Here’s Why Angry Fans Tell Jennifer Hudson To ‘Hang Herself’

Posted On : January 9, 2017

Jennifer Hudson has gotten a flurry of hate from many people who so pissed that she sang for a Shell commercial for their energy preservation campaign, they don’t know what to do. Does this many any sense to you?

What Do You Think?

This Facebook user was pretty proud of the fact that he'd hit a nerve. Wow. Hopefully those who are just as passionate and angered about oil, trees, and zoo animals like Harambe the gorilla, are equally as passionately angry over police officers (some, not all of them) viciously slaughtering unarmed, innocent African Americans in the street without any legal punishment for their actions. Jennifer-Hudson-death-threats-The-Voice-Shell-advert-backlash-online-trolls-777399

Screen grab from Facebook

Oddly, there were hundreds and hundreds of "odd" comments that all asked for the title of the song. I mean there were hundreds of them that Shell Oil responded to. But after scrolling, we got the the "real" comments that were a mix of love the song and hating Shell.   Shell Oil Screenshots3

Screen grab from Facebook Shell Oil Screenshots

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