Really? IRS Hit Stevie w/Tax Lien For HOW MUCH MONEY? U Won’t Believe This!

Posted On : December 6, 2016

Well now that tax season is about to kick in, we wanted to make sure we reminded all of you, in our our ILoveOldSchoolMusic family, just how much the IRS does NOT play and will come for your head at any given moment. With that said, check out the ridiculous amount of money Stevie Wonder was hit with not one, but TWO tax liens over in 2013…


Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 10.27.04 AM Stevie Wonder was hit with TWO tax liens by the IRS because he owed a whopping $40 TOTAL! Yep, you read that right- forty bucks is what caused the tax liens because Stevie owed two separate tax bills that equated to that pea-sized sum. Is this NOT ridiculous?!! The thing that made it even crazier is that the interest accumulated on the $40 tax bill was actually MORE than the bill itself at $98 in interest. So Stevie ended up having to pay a total of $138.00 to have the tax liens lifted. gary coleman gif Like we said fam,' the IRS does NOT play, so please make sure every 'I' is dotted and every 'T' is crossed on your tax filings this tax season.

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