Really? Kiss Member, Gene Simmons, Throws MAJOR Dirt On Prince’s Death!

Posted On : May 11, 2016

***Update: After catching so much flack over his insensitive Prince comments, Gene Simmons has now issued an apology. (See his apology on page 6).***
Wooooow! Somebody please buy Gene Simmons an alarm clock and call him up ASAP to give this dude a REAL wake up call! Simmons, who is the lead singer of the rock band, Kiss, has just made some of the most ill-informed and insensitive comments I’ve heard in a long time. In his recent interview with Newsweek, Simmons compared Prince’s death to David Bowie’s death and has now caused a media frenzy because of the blatant disrespect he expressed for Prince’s tragic, sudden passing on April 21st. Even Simmons’ bandmates turned on him over this…


GENE SIMMONS NEEDS TO GET HIS FACTS STRAIGHT Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but what makes Gene Simmons' "pathetic" statements about Prince even more ignorant is that his reasons for giving David Bowie respect was because he died of an illness, but Simmons gives Prince's death zero respect because he THINKS Prince died of an overdose (which hasn't been confirmed). BUT one thing Simmons is forgetting is that Bowie did an interview in 2013 and stated this about almost dying from his past longtime drug addiction:

"Drugs had taken my life away from me. I felt as though I would probably die and it was going to be all over," says David Bowie. [Source]
So now would Gene Simmons also call the legendary David Bowie "pathetic?" Hmmm... WAIT 'TIL YOU SEE HOW GENE'S BAND MEMBER PUBLICLY TOOK A STAND AGAINST HIM THOUGH>>>
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