Regina Belle Speaks On Why She Rocks Gray Hair & Almost Losing Her Life

Posted On : December 19, 2015

regina belle3“Baby Come To Me” and “A Whole New World” singer, Regina Belle, is 52 years young and looking just as beautiful as she did in 1987 when she released her first single at the age of 28.

As you can see, our girl Regina is rockin’ her gray hair with pride and taking names while doing it! She recently explained to Ebony why she decided to let her grays show:

“I want to be who I am now. I rock my gray hair because it is a blessing. I colored mine for many years, but I’ve gotten compliments from so many men and women about being brave enough to sport the gray. I even wear it on the cover of my record. I am comfortable in my skin and I want listeners to feel that as well.”

Regina Belle then and now
Regina Belle then and now

Aside from Regina Belle being a woman of great pride and self-confidence, she can also add the title of ‘survivor’ to her name, because just a few years ago, she risked losing her life when she underwent brain surgery after finding out that she had a brain tumor that left her permanently deaf in one ear.

Regina revealed to NPR what her 10 month rehabilitation was like after her surgery and the fears she faced in knowing that there was a possibility that she may not have come out of that surgery alive:

“We released the album in 2008 and then, in 2009, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and so, you know, devastating news at the height of making a transition from one career to another career and when you think in this for the Lord, you’re thinking why devastation now? So it was kind of difficult with 10 months of rehabilitation. We had to have two surgeries because the surgery was so complex. It was only supposed to take two hours. It took eight hours. It was only supposed to take one surgeon. It took six surgeons. We ended up having to…

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