Remember The Song Le Freak? U Won’t Believe The Original Lyrics! Laaawd!

Posted On : October 20, 2015

Y’all old schoolers remember the song…”Aaahh Freak out!, Le Freak, C’est Chic, Freak out!” That was the jam! Whenever we heard that, we would jump on the floor and “cut a rug”. Our mommas and grandmothers loved to see us get down to it. But if they only knew what the original lyrics were, they would have said, “Boy turn that garbage off!” Check out what the original lyrics were, and the story behind it.

“Famously, despite the fact that the groovers inside on the dance floor of Studio 54 were all hot for Chic’s music, Nile and Bernard were once flatly denied entry to the club. Grace Jones (top of her game at that moment, and wanting to work with them) had invited them as her own special guests that night, but the notoriously ornery doormen weren’t playing onside.

So a pissed off Chic went back to Nile’s and jammed a spontaneous song they called ‘Aaaaaah, F!ck Off!’, a musical retort to the club that had slammed the door in their faces. Suddenly realising that it was actually a great tune but too improbably titled for radio release, the lyrics were quickly retempered, and ‘Le Freak’ was born.”

Wow! If it were 2015, I’m sure they would have just wen’t ahead with the original lyrics. Hey why not, it would have just played along side of Rihanna’s “B!tch Better Have My Money”. #iloveoldschoolmusic


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