Remember “Fun Girl” on GoodTimes? U Ain’t Gonna Believe How She Looks Now!

Posted On : June 16, 2017

As with many sitcoms and dramas like Empire or Everyone Hates Chris, there was a parade of different guest actors who appeared on Good Times every week. Each one was just as talented as the next. However, we were shocked to learn what we did about one of the most memorable characters.

It was the ‘Breaker Breaker’ episode and Michael fell in love with “Fun Girl”! If you remember, she was the girl in the wheelchair who deceived Michael over the CB (The world’s first Chat Line…LOL)? Check out what she looks like now, and what she’s doing now.

Hey “Fun Girl” Where You Been?


Check out how Fun Girl from Good Times looks now!!!

She is A Beauty! And You Do You Know Who Her Father Is?!?!


Her name is Sharon Brown and you’ve scene her on many shows and movies throughout the years, but one of my personal favorites was this “Fun Girl” role because I always thought that scene was monumental. “Fun Girl” is now 53 and get this…she is looking better than ever! She definitely gives a whole new meaning to aging gracefully.

None Other Than Mr. Bookman!!!

Check out more pics of Fun Girl and her husband, who’s the son of one of the biggest fitness Gurus ever!!!

She’s Married To Billy Blanks Jr.


She’s married to Billy Blanks Jr., the son of fitness guru and creator of the ‘Tae-Bo’ brand, Billy Blanks.




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