Remember Jason Weaver? He Has Blunt Words For Sammy Sosa & His New Weird Skin Tone

Posted On : July 17, 2017
Jason Weaver

ILOSM family make some noise if you remember actor/singer, Jason Weaver? How could we  forget him right? He portrayed the kid version of the greatest entertainer of all time – Michael Jackson- when he starred in The Jacksons: An American Dream miniseries in 1992 (that was really Weaver singing in the movie by the way). He also did a bunch of other TV shows and movies throughout the years, including a fan favorite film, Drumline.

Today at 38, Weaver’s developed quite the rep’ of being an outspoken dude, who  refuses to allow the fact that he’s a celebrity, censor his views. Much like the time he went off about people idolizing Lil Boosie’s prison release and caused brief whirlwind online with Boosie’s fans.

Fast forward to now and the receiver of Weaver’s jabs is the recent viral internet sensation that is MLB legend, Sammy Sosa. Jason had some questions for the brotha after seeing the recent lilac/pale-pink hue Sammy has bleached his skin into.

Baseball legend, Sammy Sosa before skin bleaching

In case you’ve been outta the loop for the past few days, Mr. Sosa shook up the internet after video of his new ESPN interview surfaced. In the past, Sammy has publicly admitted that he likes to bleach his skin, but now it seems he’s gone a lil’ too heavy- nah, bump that- he’s gone WAY too overboard with this whole bleaching mess. The internet ripped him to shreds as a result and now Jason Weaver has chimed in on the discussion too.

At first Jason asked Sammy these questions…

Then he came back with the three flavored ice cream comparison…

And lastly, Jason re-gram’d this post *video contains graphic language*

Sammy Sosa clearly has some deep rooted psychological, self-hatred issues going on. It’s really sad to see this man intentionally trying to erase all physical traces of his Dominican/African heritage from his skin. Anyone who does that to themselves- no matter their race- needs serious intervention. Sometimes people, like Sosa, need a harsh wake up call -like the ones Jason Weaver and others are giving him. Maybe the backlash Sosa’s now getting will spark that small ounce of encouragement he needs to finally step away from the skin bleaching cream and go back to his roots.

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