U Won’t Believe How The Jheri Curl Actor From “The Wood” Looks NOW!

Posted On : March 31, 2016

the wood movie duane finley and costarRemember the kid who was rockin’ the jheri curl in “The Wood” movie? His name was “Slim” and he and his boy, “Roland” (TrentCameron), hyped up the newcomer at their school, “Mike” (Sean Nelson) into grabbing the pretty girl, “Alicia’s” (Malinda Williams) butt on the school yard during lunch.

That¬†ultimately caused “Mike” to get a SERIOUS beat down by “Alicia’s” gang bangin’ brother. That was one of the funniest scenes in the movie and it didn’t help that neither one of Mike’s homies were very willing to help him fight, LOL.


See how this "The Wood" actor looks now...

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