Remember The Kid From The “Julia” TV Show? Found Him!

Posted On : May 5, 2016

How many of our fellow Old Schoolers remember the classic “Julia” TV show?!! It starred Diahann Carroll as “Julia” and Marc Copage as her son, “Corey.” Although “Julia” only lasted for three seasons (from 1968-1971), it’s impact was as if it was on air for decades, because it was the first weekly televised sitcom that featured an African American woman in a non-stereotypical role. “Julia” was a nurse, whose Army captain husband was killed in Vietnam and she was successfully raising their son and handling her business. It’s her TV son, “Corey” who many remember because he was the chubby cheeked kid that many children could relate to- he loved his Momma and touched the hearts of many every week. Well we were having one of brainstorm sessions the other day and little “Corey’s” name popped up, so we decided to see what actor, Marc Copage, has been doing since we last saw him on TV. Look at what we found out…


MARC OVERCAME DEPRESSION WORKED VARIOUS JOBS After studying music at Santa Monica college at the age of 23, Marc Copage tried to escape his child acting days by changing his stage name to Marcus Dey and developing his brief career as a stage actor. He also had a few smaller acting jobs in TV and film that his father-manager was able to land for him, but nothing was ever as big of a role as his role on "Julia." Marc said this about the transition his career had: "I was costar of a hit TV series at one time, and then I was an extra with things blowing up around me."

He then worked various jobs including a job as a waiter and also as a receptionist at L.A. Dance Academy where he worked in exchange for dance lessons (which is also a passion of his). Marc said one of the toughest adjustments was being so easily recognized on his regular jobs back in the day: It's weird when you're waiting on a table and somebody asks you for an autograph. "It always comes up," he shrugs. "I can't get away from it." Overall though, he still had a winning attitude and is grateful for the life he's, Marc also says this about his life: "I was a lucky guy."[People Magazine, 1991]

Fast forward to today and Marc is a jack of many trades. Check out what he's been up to lately>>>

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