Remember Lela Rochon?!? Wait To You See Her Now & 3 Quick Facts About Her

Posted On : July 19, 2016

Most old schoolers remember the classic 90’s film Waiting to Exhale. Of course, the beautiful star-studded cast has gone their separate ways over the years, focusing on their careers and personal lives. Well, here’s a small glimpse into Lela Rochon’s life. And one thing we didn’t realize is how much time has passed since the making of the movie because Lela Rochon’s 52 years old!!!

See Lela Rochon Now & 3 Quick Facts About Her!!!

lela-rochon-2In regards to the Waiting To Exhale sequel, she also revealed why the highly anticipated sequel never came to fruition. Although they were ready for the cameras to roll, there was one hold up: Whitney Houston. Apparently, it was unclear whether the legendary singer would be on board for the sequel.

“The sequel didn’t happen because Whitney passed away,” Lela says on Oprah: Where Are They Now? “We were ready to go. Terry McMillan had finished the script, and the studio called and asked if we were all available to shoot in the summer, and they were unsure about Whitney.”
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