Remember Thelma’s African Man? U Won’t Believe What He Did To Be An Actor

Posted On : December 19, 2015

fb john sekka and thelma Remember the Good Times episode when “Thelma” was about to move to Nigeria, Africa and marry her African boyfriend, “Ibe,” (this was in the pre Ebay era, but his name is pronounced the same way)? At first “Florida” was NOT a happy camper about her daughter moving so far away with a man whose culture was totally different from what they knew, but after “Willona” made her realize she was being a lil’ selfish, she gave in and opened up her heart to the situation.
screen3That was until “Thelma’s” fairytale love story came crashing down faster than we could say dyn-o-mite! (Okay that was corny, but I couldn’t resist) Anyways, “Thelma” called off the wedding to “Ibe” after he couldn’t promise her that he wouldn’t follow his country’s tradition of making “Thelma” the first of several more wives to come. She wanted a monogamous American wedding and “Ibe” wanted a polygamous one…maybe.
screen2Now that we’ve refreshed your memory about “Thelma” and “Ibe,” let us fill you in on a few very interesting things we’ve learned about what actor, Johnny Sekka a.k.a. “Ibe” actually endured and survived in his real life.

The first thing many may not know, is that Sekka quietly passed away in 2006 at the age of 72 from lung cancer. His death barely was noticed by many because by that time, his popularity had faded out and the mainstream media simply didn’t give him much recognition. Sekka was survived by his wife, Cecilia, and their son, Lamine.

Here is where Sekka definitely proved just how determined he was to make something great of himself: When he was much younger, he actually…

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