Remember This “Good Times” Actor? U Won’t Believe How Well He’s Living!

Posted On : August 24, 2015

BLOG adam wade and wilona
Depending on which era of the Old School you came up in, you either know Adam Wade as a 60’s singer, or a 70’s actor and first African American talk show host. (See NEW video of him on page 3).

He’s widely known for his role on Good Times as “Wilona’s” man and also for his role on Sanford and Son, where he played the role of a movie director, “Mr. Creely” who was directing boxer, George Foreman, in a movie and “Fred Sanford” kept butting in and eventually “Mr Creely” stormed off the set, After watching recent episodes of Wade on those shows, it brought back some good memories for us over here at ILOSM. It also made us wonder where in the world had Adam Wade been all of these years. Turn the page to found out what he’s doing now…

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