Remember This 70s/80s Actor? Well Check Out What He’s Doing Now!

Posted On : May 7, 2017

Many of us were first introduced to actor, Art Evans, when he appeared in the classic film, Claudine 1974 and in the TV series, Chico and the Man in 1976. But it wasn’t until the 80s that Art really started making his mark in the acting world.

He starred in many 80’s classics, including Jo Jo Dancer: Your Life Is Calling (1984) alongside Richard Pryor, A Soldier’s Story (1984), and what’chall know about the character, ‘Cedar Cloud’- Evans’ role as a ‘Mission College’ administrator in School Daze (1988)?

Art Evans (L) in "School Daze"
Art Evans (L) in “School Daze”

Then came Art Evans’ 90s success with his most popular role being in Die hard 2, alongside Bruce Willis in 1990. Of course we also know Art from his appearances in various TV shows as well, such as M*A*S*H, Hill Street Blues, etc. And if you thought his work ended in the 90s, think again. Although we may not have seen as much of Art on the big screen in the 2000’s, he has never stopped working.

We were wondering what the brotha has been up to nowadays and lo and behold, we spotted him at one of the most unlikeliest places- at Jayne Kennedy-Overton’s (now 66)  65th birthday party last year. Since we previously covered how great Mrs. Kennedy-Overton is looking these days, we thought it was only right to Mr. Evans his just due as well…

Art Evans at Jayne Kennedy’s birthday party:

Can you believe he turned 76 on March 27 (2018)?!! Can somebody please tell us why he still looks much like he did 30 years ago, in “School Daze?” if it weren’t for his all-grey hair, this recent pic with Jayne could easily be confused with his throwback pics.

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 2.40.11 PM

Jayne Kennedy reminisces about her friend, Art:

By the way, he and Jayne go way back and she’s thankful to have him as a friend. Check out what she recently posted about their friendship when they made an appearance on Fox…

Aside from still doing film and TV work, Art has been working in the theater for several years. He also talked about that in the interview below, where he discussed directing James Baldwin’s timeless classic, The Amen Corner, at Berkeley’s Black Repertory Theater…

A few more fun facts about Art Evans:

– He’s been married to his wife, Babe, for years.
– He is fluent in playing several musical instruments by ear.

We’re not sure if Art has any children, so if anyone out there knows, feel free to fill us in. And as always, it’s a beautiful thing to see yet another Old School entertainer, who contributed to so many great memories for all us, enjoying life to the fullest and still fulfilling their passion.

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