Good Lawd! Wait ‘Til U See This Boyz N Da Hood Actress Now!

Posted On : August 17, 2015

So what was it like to be the “It girl” on one of the most popular films the 90’s era? I’m pretty sure it was a beautiful thing for this 90’s actress, in fact it’s probably every up-and-coming actor’s dream- instant success and overnight fame beyond what they could have imagined. You might not know her name, but if you’ve ever seen the films, Boyz N Da Hood and Class Act, you definitely know her face.

Her name is Alysia Rogers...

boyz-n-the-hood-actressHer name is Alysia Rogers and she's the actress who played the role of "Shanice," "Ricky's (Morris Chestnut) girlfriend in Boyz N Da Hood.

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