Remember This “I’m Not Your Superwoman” Singer? Well Look At Her Now!

Posted On : March 12, 2015

karyn white blog pic

Remember when Karyn White had the radio burning UP with her 80’s hit, “Superwoman?” That was like the ladies anthem for 2 years straight! The fellas couldn’t go nowhere without the ladies threatening to sing that song to them back in the day…LOL.

Check out Karyn White now at 49! She’s still looking good and she just might be some type of “Superwoman” because she looks like she has some kind of supernatural anti-aging powers or something. That woman hasn’t aged a bit!

karyn white9

Is good to see Karyn is still living a healthy lifestyle and after a 17 year break from the music game, she made her comeback about 3 years ago and she is still going strong. Her most…

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