Remember This Kid From Menace II Society? Wow, He’s All Grown Up Now!

Posted On : April 20, 2017

Remember the kid who played Jada Pinkett’s son, “Anthony,” in Menace II Society? He was the lil’ kid who “Caine” (played by Tyrin Turner) had to shield from the hail of bullets in that drive-by, after the brother of the girl “Caine” had gotten pregnant decided to get payback for “Caine” telling his sis’ that the baby wasn’t his and to get ta’ steppin.’

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.47.02 AMThe kid’s real name is Julian Roy Doster and it’s been 24 years since we’ve last seen on the big screen. Julian is now 30 years old and has since transformed from a kid actor into a rapper. As of 2009 was going by the name of…wait for it…Menace da Bidness! That’s a smart move on his part right? Well, check out how grown up he is now…

julian 2
Julian Roy Doster, the actor who played “Anthony” in “Menace II Society”

Now here’s the thing, you would think that with all of the technology and social media that is now available to these youngins, that we would be able to easily Google Julian’s music and get drowned in the plethora of songs, remixes, and rap battles he has, but unfortunately that ain’t the case and the last known music Julian was known to have posted online was on his MySpace page in 2009. So I’m not sure if he’s taking his rap career seriously, or if he’s pursuing a different full time occupation altogether.
Maybe he’s moved on since then, which is perfectly okay, but it would have ben interesting to see the young dude from Menace To Society giving artists, like Drake, a run for their money (we have nothing against Drake at all, but a lil’ rap competition ain’t never hurt nobody). Menace and Drake could have done a big PR campaign around their rap battle and called it ‘The Battle Of The Brothers From Another Mother,’ since they look like they could be siblings…or at least play-cousins.

Anyways, there was one other time Julian was spotted and that was when he was seen a few years ago, showing support for his best friend, NBA baller, Jordan Farmar, who is the former point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers. Julian and Jordan have been friends since they were in the 1st grade and they grew up playing basketball together. Check out Julian talking about Farmar below…

It’s weird seeing this kid all grown up now and it really does remind us of just how fast time flies. If Julian is still spittin’ hot verses over rap tracks, we hope to hear something from him soon, and if not we hope he’s happy no matter what he’s doing, because that’s what it’s really all about.

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