Remember This “White Shadow” Actor? See How He’s Still Getting Major $!

Posted On : June 12, 2015

kevin hooks bet white shadow close up pic

Many of us Old Schoolers probably remember Kevin Hooks. Although he is now 56 years old and has accomplished many great things in film and television, we’ll always see him as “Morris Thorpe,” the teenager who had a bit of a challenge relating to authority, while on the high school basketball team in White Shadow.

THE WHITE SHADOW, Ken Howard (right), Timothy Van Patten - #3, 1978 - 1981.

For those who may need to be refreshed about the show, from 1978 to 1981, Hooks played “Thorpe” in White Shadow. That TV show was about a former Caucasian Chicago Bull becoming a high school coach in South Central Los Angeles and the realness of the interactions of characters, along with the writing are what helped to make the show iconic.

So the last episode aired about 34 years ago and when you fast forward to today, our man, Kevin Hooks is doing well and still continuing to build his legacy and his resume.’ Kevin is now an accomplished…