Reward! Solange Knowles Loses Wedding Ring At Parade

Posted On : February 6, 2016

Solange Knowles had all the makings of a fabulous Mardi Gras planned: a great dress, a fabulous balcony view and a role as an Honorary Muse for the city’s Krewe of Muses, which earned her a spot in the parade atop a giant sparkly pump. But unfortunately things got a bit too festive, and her wedding ring reportedly went missing along the parade route.

What happened was that she accidentally threw her ring when she was throwing beads. Ouch! But here’s the thing, they are offering a reward, but they aren’t saying how much!

“Honorary Muse Solange lost her wedding ring between Toledano and Foucher. Reward if found!,” the Krewe of Muses (an all-female Mardi Gras organization who gave Knowles her honorary title to recognize her contribution to the arts) wrote on their Facebook page. But the problem is that they aren’t saying how much the reward will be, so what do you do, keep a custom ring that could be worth a million dollars from a celebrity, or call it in for a reward that could be only $500?

Krewe of Muses-RewardPosted by Krewe of Muses on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The ring in question? The lovely gold band given to her on her wedding day by husband Alan Ferguson. And since you wouldn’t give just any ring to the girl who wore not one but two caped jumpsuits on her wedding day, her ring features a unique open design with two bezel-set stones of different sizes facing one another.

Solange-slipper-550x410And the star appears to love her adopted hometown as much as they love her. “As the granddaughter of Agnez Dereon and Lumis Albert Beyince of New Iberia, Louisiana, I moved to New Orleans to be closer to my roots, for deeper self-reflection, and to be in the midst of a continuously inspiring and rich culture that I feel an endless amount of connection and gratitude for,” Knowles said in a statement at the time she was announced as Honorary Muse.

“This city has shown me the universe in ways I could never put in words, and I can’t wait to celebrate all of it right on top of that red high heeled shoe.”


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