After Robin Thicke Divorce, Paula Patton Tries Something TOTALLY NEW!!

Posted On : May 13, 2016

Well it’s being reported that Paula Patton is definitely moving on in regards to her relationships. On the outside looking in, it’s been a rough past few years for actress, Paula Patton. Paula Patton met Robin Thicke when she was only 16 and then they were married in 2005 and it seems the roller coaster of life was at full speed. In 2010 she gave birth to their only child, went thru a very public separation in 2014, divorced in 2015, and rumors of drug abuse were plastered across blogs from the U.K. to the U.S. But all is fair in love…right?

Queen Latifah Was A Rumor, But She's Been Seen Out With...

paula-patton-queen-latifah-0SXYes, Paula Patton was rumored to be dating, Queen Latifah. Of course Queen Latifah has never revealed her sexual preference to the public...and it's really none of our business. But there were rumors swirling around this year about her "dating" Paula Patton.
A rep for Patton says, "It’s not true. They are friends who produced a movie together and have been doing press appearances to support it.” Furthermore, Paula's putting the rumors to bed, as she's been seen out and about with a very popular chocolate sex symbol....

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All is fair in love & war…wishing Mrs. Patton the best! Old School News With A New Point Of View!

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