Ron Isley Speaks Out To Let U Know He Ain’t DEAD, Somebody LIED! Details

Posted On : March 15, 2016

Ronald IsleyWhen we first caught wind of the recent rumor that Ron Isley had passed away, we thought one of two things- either our main man, Ron, has supernatural powers because he was just seen out and about with his wife after the rumor mill got churning on social media, or somebody has dedicated an entire Facebook post to a bold faced lie.

Ron Isley has now confirmed that the latter is true, and he stopped for a second to talk with paparazzi on the street Monday to let it be known.

If you haven’t heard about the death rumors, there was a Facebook post that has been circulating stating that Ron Isley is no longer with us. Over a million people were sending their prayers to the fam’ and mourning Ron’s perceived passing.

Lo and behold, Ron is still walking around, chillin’ with his wife and kid, without a care in the world. So we can fortunately tap the brakes on speeding up the brotha’s life cycle and continue celebrating the man while he’s still here and capable of receiving the love.

Here is what Ron Isley had to say about the rumor…

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