Ron Isley’s 35 YEARS YOUNGER WIFE Tells WHY She Married Him

Posted On : June 8, 2016

When Ron Isley exchanged vows with his bride, Kandy, who is 35 years his junior, in 2005, a lot of people were suspicious. At the wedding ceremony, Kandy donned a beautiful, custom made $15,000 gown, Ron gifted her with a $3million necklace, and at the ceremony he slid that big 14 carat diamond rock onto her left hand. George Duke played at their wedding, Philip Bailey serenaded them, Kid Kapri DJ’d the reception, and The Beverly Hills Hotel setting didn’t come cheap…that’s when people really started talking…


ron isley and kandy This is a sample of the comments that have been left on websites and forums from people who don't think Ron and Kandy's marriage is solely based off of love:

@LeShannonM: I'm willing to bet that it wasn't for the meat but for the bread... #Bet! 😌
@Danu: "She's obviously with him for money. She's pretty and HALF his age. Money helps a MAN A LOT."
@Storm: "In my old lady voice, "Them guhs is too nasty, walkin' 'round them ole min, wit' dem nekkid dresses on. Probably gotta rub him wit' liniment when she get off of him."  Eeeeeeeeeeeew, I could see her being attracted to him if he looked like Ed Hochuli ---the 59 yr old NFL referee who is finer than many of the players. But Ronald Isley. Unh Unh"
@Unbreakable: "golddigga"
@ExcuseMeMissJ: " sure is a drug ain't it? what these women won't lay up under and go down on for some borrowed shine, false security and years of bags, trips and shoes....lawwwddddd it could NOT be me."
But not everyone was against Ron Isley's and Kandy's marriage:
@BlackBeauty77: "Well at least she has a husband that can provide for her and her son. People complain when a woman gets with a man for money, or if she gets with a broke man... Damned if you do and damned if you don't..."
Geesh! Some of these comments are harsh! Kandy obviously loves her some 'Mr. Biggs' and he obviously loves him some Kandy, so if they're happy, I'm happy for them. By the way, Kandy isn't the only young woman in her fam' who married a soul music legend, SEE WHO HER SISTER MARRIED>>>
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