So Sad. Here’s The Popular R&B Star That Was Killed In Orlando Club Shooting

Posted On : June 15, 2016

The horrific scene that unfolded at PULSE nightclub in Orlando, FL has rocked the nation. But, unfortunately, the massive news cycle won’t be dying down anytime soon because new details seem to emerge with each passing day. Now, it has been reported that a popular R&B star was also killed on that fateful night in Orlando.

According to Fox News, Shane Tomlinson was the lead singer of the local R&B band, Frequency Band, in Orlando. On Monday, June 13, Concord Mayor Scott Padgett announced his death.

“Our hearts are broken to learn that Shane’s was one of the young lives lost in this senseless act of violence,” Mayor Padgett said in a statement, according to the Charlotte Observer. “We lift up his parents as well as the entire Tomlinson family in prayer and support. There are many people in our community who loved and remember Shane from his youth and we join his family in grief.”

Shortly after news outlets began reporting about the shooting on Sunday, June 12, friends of Shane began frantically searching for him. Dozens of calls were made to his phone by friends who even tweeted their concerns.

The unanswered phone calls only added to the desperation as friends and family waited for local authorities to offer some form of notification about Shane. Then, after hours that seemed like forever, local authorities confirmed Shane Tomlinson was one of the 53 victims fatally wounded at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL.

Saddened Americans all across the world are mourning the loss of those who were killed at the hands of Omar Mateen. A total 103 people were injured or fatally wounded as a result of the gunfire that erupted from the AR-15 Mateen unloaded repeatedly inside the club.

At this point, there are still so many unanswered questions about the horrific incident. But, like Tomlinson’s family, many others are preparing to bury their loved ones lost in the midst of the chaos that took place on Saturday night. R.I.P. Shane Tomlinson.

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