So Sad, See VIDEO Of Mariah’s DYING SISTER Pleading To Mariah For Help

Posted On : March 30, 2016
mariah sister in hospital
Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey, during her most recent hospital stay

This is an extremely sad situation that Mariah Carey’s older sister, Alison Carey, and her family are in right now.  Video has just surfaced this morning of Alison Carey from what appears to be a hospital bed and she was pleading with Mariah to help save her life. Alison has been HIV positive for decades and has had a string of life threatening health crisis lately. She is now in desperate need of spinal and brain surgery that will help to save her life, but neither she, nor their brother, Morgan, have the money needed to make those surgeries happen.

Mariah Carey and sister, Alison, during happier times
Mariah Carey and sister, Alison, during happier times

Below is the video that Alison sent to DailyMail with the hopes that word would spread online that will get back to Mariah. Check it out below…

Mariah’s brother, Morgan Carey, spoke out publicly a few weeks ago and called Mariah an “evil witch” among other things for not helping their dying sister.

To Mariah’s credit, Alison is a former prostitute and a recovering drug addict and because of that, Mariah has helped her and her kids throughout her life, but they had a big falling out in 1994, causing their relationship to be on the rocks ever since.

Mariah Carey's sister, Alison Carey
Mariah Carey’s sister, Alison Carey

According to DM, Morgan says that he understands that Mariah may be apprehensive about putting a lump sum of money directly into the hands and control of a former drug addict, but that he also understands that there is a much more convenient route that she can take to still ensure that their sister gets the life saving surgeries that she needs, without ever placing money directly into Alison’s hands. Here’s what Morgan said about that:

“Mariah is the one person in the family who could actually make a real meaningful difference to Alison’s life. The least she could do is put Alison in a good hospital and make sure she gets the care she needs.

Look me personally, I’m not going to hand my sister Alison a penny directly, but if I can give money to the person giving her care, I’m going to do it.

mariah carey and sister bw

Is there a way of setting up a medical fund? You don’t put cash in an addict’s hands but you can make sure that their basic medical care is met, it’s that simple. Mariah can easily manage this and still keep her distance.

If she wants to hold her grudge, then let her hold her grudge.

We just want to make Alison as comfortable as possible and to enjoy some kind of quality of life, I’m trying to do my best to help her.”

mariah and brother2

Mariah and Alison’s brother, Morgan makes a great point, although it’s not also easy to move past some deep rooted family issues with a loved one, especially if you see them constantly going down the wrong path throughout their lives, it is far more easier to provide that loved one with the support they need when their life is at risk, especially if it wouldn’t be any sweat off your back to do so, as is the case when it comes to Mariah and the thousands needed for Alison’s two surgeries. Mariah is worth $500+MILLION right now, enough said.

The REAL Mariah Carey
The REAL Mariah Carey

We don’t know all of the details of Mariah’s and Alison’s personal relationship, so the only thing we can do is assess the situation from the outside looking in: We definitely commend Mariah for helping her sister in the past and we sincerely hope that she can find it in her heart to help her sis’ now. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Alison and the entire Carey family at this time.

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