Say Whaaat? Look At What The “Double Dutch Bus” Singer Did With Oprah!

Posted On : April 24, 2015


Remember Frankie Smith? Okay you might not remember his name, but if you’re a fan of 80’s music, you remember his song, “Double Dutch Bus.” He had everybody singing the lyrics to his quirky jam: “Double Dutch Bus coming down the street, movin’ pretty fast, so kind of shuffle your feet. Get on the bus, pay your fare and tell the driver that you’re going to the double dutch affair…”

Alright now that we’ve taken that trip back down memory lane let’s talk about this thing he did with Oprah. Most of us thought he was over, after the song faded off of the airwaves into one hit wonder history, but lo’ and behold, our man Frankie Smith was still making moves long after we stopped playing his song at our school dances and barbeques…well, many of us still bump that one at the family bbq’s, and we’re not mad at that at all.

He appeared in the movie,

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