Say What Now? Is Bobby Brown Really Taking Credit For Teaching Michael The Moonwalk?

Posted On : September 7, 2017
Bobby Brown (Photo by CJ Rivera/Getty Images)

Bobby Brown is one helluva performer…there’s no disputing that. From his childhood days with New Edition, to the climax of his solo career, Bobby B. has never let his fans down. In most cases, Bobby’s talk of his talent goes unquestioned, but a recent claim he’s made has fans scratching their heads. Apparently, Bobby is taking credit for teaching Michael Jackson how to moonwalk. Yes, you read that right. Bobby’s taking credit for Michael’s signature dance move. For most MJ fans, the claim probably seems unbelievable, but Bobby recently shared details about how it all went down. You won’t believe what Bobby had to say.

Where It All Began:

When Bobby Brown appeared on The Cipher, he had an interesting conversation with the show’s host Shawn Setaro. The “My Prerogative” singer recalled his humble beginnings dancing at Orchard Park in Boston. He claims he was the first one there to do the Moonwalk and he introduced the East Coast to the big dance craze. “I had a few moves that was just super,” he explained. “Plus, I was the first one in Orchard Park to do the moonwalk. So, the moonwalk was one of my signature moves. Nobody. I had brought it up from down South. It was something that just killed the game once I brought it up the East Coast.”

Although the Moonwalk has always been associated with Michael Jackson when he debuted it during his iconic Motown 25 performance, Bobby claims the signature dance was his long before MJ did it. He even went a step further and revealed when he actually taught Michael how to moonwalk.

Dancin’ With MJ:

According to Bobby, he and Michael had the opportunity to dance together when New Edition received an invitation to the legendary performer’s home. Of course, performers can only sit around for so long before they start doin’ what they love. Before long, the guys were on their feet dancing “this big room with mirrors.” Bobby claims that’s where he taught MJ how to moonwalk. “Actually, I was the one that taught Michael how to do it,” he said. “We was poppin,’ he was watchin’ us pop,” he said. “He saw me do the moonwalk. And he [asked], ‘What is that?’ And I did it again. He just watched it, and he just started doin’ it.”

Shalamar’s Jeffrey Daniel Claimed That Title First

Shalamar: (L-R) Jeffrey Daniel, Jody Watley, Howard Hewitt

Now…we have nothin’ but love for Bobby B. around here, but we MUST point out the person who has long ago taken credit for teaching MJ the Moonwalk. That person is Michael’s former choreographer and legendary Shalamar singer, Jeffrey Daniel. Here is Jeffrey’s recollection of teaching MJ the Moonwalk in the early 80’s:

Via NPR: [Jeffrey Daniel] says that [Michael] Jackson came to Disneyland with “little” Janet Jackson in the early 1980s. “They stood on the wing of the stage and they watched me dance. […] And then I got a call from him. He said that he would like to get together and … go over the dance moves and that.” Daniel says even Jackson didn’t get the moonwalk right way. “No one” does, he says.”It’s like the matrix, everybody falls the first jump,” Daniel says. […] Daniel says he was struck by Jackson’s athleticism and entertaining ability when he was a child and a teenager. “And then to see him take what we were doing and then take it into his arena — take it into the next stratosphere — it was like, ‘Wow,'” Daniel says.

Although Bobby is taking credit for the Moonwalk, he admits Michael perfected it. What y’all think? Do you believe Bobby taught Michael how to Moonwalk? Or do you think it was Shalamar’s Jeffrey Daniel?

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