See C+C Music Factory Rapper Propose To Pregnant Girlfriend, But Why Are Some Shocked?

Posted On : September 9, 2017
C&C Music Factory front man, Freedom Williams

As soon as most of we true Old School heads hear the words “Everybody Dance Now…Gonna Make You Sweat!” blasting through our speakers, we know it’s about to be on and poppin’ from there. Remember how we couldn’t turn on the radio, or go to a club, without hearing that joint come on back in the day?

That was  C&C Music Factory’s biggest hit and it’s been heating up wedding receptions and radio stations all over the world ever since 1990. The song was even featured on The Fresh Prince of Belair, when “Aunt Viv” set it off in her dance class. Freedom Williams was then known as the ponytail rockin,’ lead rapper of C+C Music Factory after he was featured on the song. Now, over 20 years later, he’s still performing and he has a new lady in his life.

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm:

Freedom still has it. Although he’s no longer performing with the original group members of C&C Music Factory, he still performs their hit songs, as well as solo material. Currently, Williams joined the ‘I Love The 90’s Tour,’ with legendary groups from that era, including TLC, Blackstreet and others. Appreciative and hella excited to be on stage, Williams shared footage of the tour on his Instagram page…

I want to say thank you to all the veterans I'm on tour with, to call these cats me family is what we all strive for. We need some levity in this world and here's mines. Let's continue to live love and laugh in the face of so much pain in this world. Continue to find the good in people and strive for peace and love. Trust me we all need it. I want to say thank you to ashe #freedom @naughtybynature4ever @robbasemusic @coolio @realcolormebadd @all4onemusic @blackstreetofficial @officialtlc #saltandpepa @officialbizmarkie @mrdjcoolv #deewiz #markmcgrath @mrjordan1911 @sisqo #tourlife #lovethe90's @ashtoncigar #cigar #cigarlife #gonnamakeyousweat @90shiphopjunkie @gonnamakeyousweat #gonnamakeyousweat #hiphophooray #thingsthatmakeyougohmmm @official.freedom.williams

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Meet His Fiancee’

When he’s not performing, Williams likes to spend time with the leading lady in his life and no, we’re not talking about the lead singer of his former group, Zelma Davis, we’re talking about the leading lady in his personal life. Freedom is expecting a baby boy and is engaged to be married to his beautiful fiancee,’ Imari Alaji (scroll down to see video of him proposing to her). In real life, her goal is to actually ‘make people sweat,’ because she is a fitness trainer. Once considered a plus size woman, Imari Alaji shared her transformation photos and her passion to help people become healthier…

Why Were Some Fans Surprised?

When news of their relationship spread, fans of Freedom Williams’ contacted I Love Old School Music because they were surprised that he was dating her. Believe it or not, some fans were shocked that Williams chose a mocha complexioned woman to be his queen. You see, oftentimes in the music industry, African American male entertainers are seen with women who are the typical ‘video girl’ types: light skinned, or of a race other than their own. Now, we wanna be clear, we think light, brown, and dark skin women (and women of all races) are ALL very attractive- so the ‘video girl’ description is not a diss to anyone, it’s just an observation, moving on…

So it was refreshing to see Freedom Williams follow his own mind/heart, instead of succumbing to what appears to be the status quo for many Black male entertainers’ girlfriends/wives- either light, White, ‘Kim Kardashian type,’ or else it just ain’t right. Again, that’s not a diss, just being real, no need to ignore the obvious. Anywho, check out his video proposal to his beautiful fiancee’ and their baby shower below…

Their Baby Shower

Freedom’s Proposal To Fiancee’ (swipe left for video)

Soooo this happened a couple of weeks ago at my Baby Shower! I guess Freedom figured it's not official until it happens in front of our families. The shower in itself was SO beautiful! But this moment was truly the icing/topping on the cake! The amount of nervousness and excitement that I felt in this moment is indescribable! So much has happened in the past year it feels like a movie. May the creator continue to bless us on our journey (new/old). And may the Ancestors continue to walk with us and guide us on our pathways. All praises to Olodumare! Ase'! ps: More shower pics coming soon!!! #tbt #baby #babybump #babyshower #mom #momlife #engaged #bestfriend #love #happy #wellness #health #family #excited #freedomwilliams #imarialaji

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