See Cosby Accuser/Ex Playboy Model Video Rant About Alleged Trump Victims

Posted On : October 17, 2016

Sarita Butterfield has become known to the public as a couple things in the past year or so- she’s known as a former Playboy Bunny and as one of Bill Cosby’s sexual assault accusers who says that he groped her during her Playboy model days. It’s the latter that we’ll be focusing on for the duration of this article…


fb cosby accuser In a video uploaded by TMZ, Sarita explained how Cosby's accusers have helped Donald Trump's alleged sexual assault victims publicly step forward recently. She says that by she and the rest of Cosby's accusers coming forth, they, in turn, gave Trump's accusers the courage to step up. trump and cosby Sarita also said a few more things, which in a nutshell sum up to this: She wants people to stop assuming that she and the rest of Cosby's accusers, as well as Trump's accusers are lying simply because they came forward decades later...WATCH HER VIDEO RANT HERE>>>

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