See How Monica & Missy Are Getting PAID After Viral Twitter Challenge!

Posted On : August 21, 2016

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Monica and Missy Elliot are about to come UP…waaaay UP, thanks to the #SoGone Twitter challenge that was sparked last week. The challenge- which features music from Monica’s Missy Elliot produced/written song, “So Gone,”- challenges people to freestyle over it.  It’ s taken ‘going viral’ to a whole new level, as millions of people have joined the challenge, including Chance The Rapper, whose participation boosted it’s viralability in a major way.

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Now Apple Music, Spotify, and Youtube have confirmed that Monica’s and Missy’s next royalty checks will be NICE! Check out what Forbes reported:

On Aug. 10, Chance The Rapper decided to join in on the hashtag. […] According to Twitter, his participation has helped to spark over 2 million Twitter users to either take part in the challenge or mention it in their tweets. His video has since received over 240,000 retweets…

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.40.22 PM
Chance The Rapper
  • APPLE MUSIC confirmed that streams for “So Gone” have INCREASED BY 233% and  SALES HAVE GONE UP 407% since Aug. 10.
  • SPOTIFY noted that streams for the single have more than doubled with a 129% INCREASE on their platform.
  • As of time of writing, the “So Gone” music video currently sits at 2.8 [MILLION] YOUTUBE VIEWS and has shot up 309% compared to the three days before the challenge.

Even Monica and Missy joined the challenge (see above video)  and were happy as ever, as Monica rapped “Now I’m making racks while they’re rapping on my old tracks.” That’s right, get that paper ladies, we ain’t mad atcha!

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