See Mariah Carey’s Dad Who She Wishes She’d Spent More Time With

Posted On : December 13, 2015

mariah1 Mariah Carey has often talked about her family situation and how difficult it was for her growing up as a biracial child. But still there are many who question whether or not Mariah is actually half Black. So we decided to lay it out on the table and let folks see Mariah’s African American side of the fam’ once and for all. Mariah’s father, Alfred Roy Carey, is of African-American and African-Venezuelen descent. Alfred’s father was an African-Venezuelan and his mother was an African American woman from Alabama.

Mariah Carey (L); her dad, Alfred Roy; and her sister, Alison (R)
Mariah Carey (L); her dad, Alfred Roy; and her sister, Alison (R)

Mariah’s dad and her mother, Patricia, were married when Mariah was young, but their marriage ultimately ended because they eventually succumbed to all of the racial backlash and mistreatment they were getting from so many people of all races during the civil rights era.

Mariah and her mother, Patricia
Mariah and her mother, Patricia

After her parents divorced when she was still a young girl, Mariah and her father began to drift apart and Mariah ultimately ended up regretting that they didn’t spend more time together before her father passed away from cancer. He passed away after Mariah became a multiplatinum selling singer, so he did get a chance to see her flourish in life.

After Patricia and Alfred divorced in 1973, Alfred started seeing their three children only on…

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