See Why Pat & Cissy Houston Are Now Being Sued By Bobbi Kristina’s Estate

Posted On : February 13, 2016

fb cissy and patIt’s been a rough four years for the Houston and Brown families and now, almost seven months after Bobbi Kristina tragically passed away, her aunt, Pat Houston and her grandmother, Cissy Houston, are being sued by her very own estate.

When we first got wind of this lawsuit we were confused because Bobby Brown and Pat Houston are the co-guardians of Bobbi Kristina’s estate. So we were thinking, ‘Well who is suing Pat- herself?!!” It turns out that attorney Bedelia Hargrove, who is the conservator of Bobbi’s estate, is the one who’s gonna have Cissy and Pat making their trek to the courtroom. Hargrove’s job is to always protect Bobbi Kristina’s assets, including her likeness, rights and legal claims. Simply put, Hargrove says that Pat and Cissy are trying to skip out on the bills that are mounting up for Bobbi’s estate and she’s tired of it.
pat and bobbi and bobbyHere is what Bossip reported about why Pat and Cissy are being hit with legal papers by Bobbi Kris’ estate:

Exactly four years after Whitney Houston’s death, infighting between the administrator of daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s estate and her relatives are threatening to run Brown’s estate into the ground.

That’s according to Brown’s estate administrator Bedelia Hargrove, who sued Brown’s grandmother Cissy Houston and aunt Pat Houston Feb. 4 for “breach of trust,” for not doling out money from Brown’s trust fund to pay the cost of operating the estate, Bossip has learned.

The trust is supposed to pay all of Brown’s estate’s expenses, and the Houstons, as co-trustees, have to sign off on any money coming in or going out.
cissy and bobbi kris blog picBut Pat and Cissy refused to pay a bill unless they thought it was “reasonable,” Hargrove said in her complaint, and as a result, none of the estate’s expenses were paid. Hargrove said she’s insisted to Pat and Cissy that they release the trust money, but the pair haven’t budged. We’ve reached out to Pat for comment, but Bossip’s efforts to reach Cissy weren’t successful.

“Respondents are impairing and impeding the proper administration of the estate,” Hargrove wrote in the suit filed in Fulton County Superior Court.

“To date, the respondents have failed and refused to pay any expenses of administration of the estate after proper and repeated demands from the petitioner,” Hargrove added.’

One thing that is also interesting is that at no point was Bobby Brown mentioned in this lawsuit, he’s a co-guardian, so we’re not really sure what’s up with that. Cissy also has some input in certain decisions being made with the estate as well. The Browns and Houstons have been through enough already, so hopefully they’ll be able to resolve this soon, outside of court.