See Ray Parker’s Reply After He Wasn’t Called For NEW Ghostbusters Film

Posted On : April 13, 2016

ray parker jr.2

Ray Parker Jr. is usually a brotha who stays behind the scenes these days, but yesterday he was spotted by paparazzi coming out of a restaurant and they asked about the new all-female casted “Ghostbusters” movie coming out in a few months, that he is not a part of. Parker admitted that he didn’t know anything about the movie and then proceeded to answer with his ever-so-popular phrase when he said this about his non-involvement in a film he helped to popularize: “I guess they don’t know who to call…LOL.” Check out Ray Parker Jr. speaking on the new “Ghostbusters” movie and the call he didn’t get below…

Although Parker says the film’s producers didn’t put the call in to him, he says there’s still time for them to get a hit theme song out of him. Truth be told, he did it once, he could probably do it ray parker jr ghostbusters shirtagain. Overall, we were just happy to see Ray Parker Jr. still looking happy and healthy at 61 years young, but it was also a pleasant surprise to see him talking about a piece his timeless classic…or shall we say, his hit song that set his career into the pop-culture stratosphere.

Parker’s “Ghostbusters” song was number one for three weeks straight on Billboard hot 100 and it was a huge hit worldwide. As far as whether or not Parker has gotten tired of performing the song for his audience he said: “No, I love the song ‘Ghostbusters’ and it makes everybody in the world happy, it makes me happy. I’ll play it until I can’t play it anymore.” I’m sure he will keep playing the song has helped to make him a rich man for many more years to come.

Just for old times sake, let’s take a trip back down “Ghostbusters” memory lane with Ray Parker Jr.’s timeless multimillions selling CLASSIC…

New trailer for the new Ghostbusters movie…


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