See Why Traci Braxton Thinks Toni’s & Birdman’s Relationship Is Strange

Posted On : July 5, 2016

Now that Toni Braxton and her man, Birdman, are living out loud and proud in all their coupled up May/December romance glory, Toni’s sisters now have no problem discussing their sister’s man with the public.

fb traci braxton and baby

Traci Braxton spoke to HipHopHollywood about her sister, Toni, dating ‘Mr. Respek On It,’ and she seems a lil’ creeped out at the thought of their relationship, but she explained why. It’s not that Traci doesn’t like Birdman, in fact, she has much love for him, but Toni and Birdman’s relationship is incest…almost…well, at least according to Traci it is. Traci says she and her family view Birdman as part of their family because they’ve been very close to him for many years. So when she found out Toni and Birdman were dating, she viewed their relationship as kissing-cousins so to speak:

“He’s been in the family for such a long time, so it’s like almost INCEST. It’s like kissing your brother in the mouth or something,” said Traci.

toni braxton and birdman4

Overall though, Traci is very supportive of her sister dating Baby because she says he is a great guy who sometimes gets a “bad wrap” in the media. When asked if she would want Toni and Birdman to jump the broom, Traci said “As long as he treats her right. As girls, we are going to dominate the whole relationship anyway.”

We’re happy that Toni B. found love. Her and Birdman prove that opposites really do attractIt’s too soon to tell, but if Birdman ever decides to put a ring on it, ‘Mr. & Mrs. Respek’ has a nice ring to it, don’t you agree? (I joke I joke, I kid I kid 😂 ).

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