See What 90s R&B Group Soul 4 Real Tell After $1Mill’ Theft & Prison Time

Posted On : March 28, 2016

FB soul 4 realWe were over here at the ILOSM office having one of our morning brainstorm idea sessions and the name Soul 4 Real came up. Remember them? They were the group that was blowing up the airwaves after Heavy D mentored them in 1992. They had everybody singing “My love, do you ever dream of, candy coated rain drops…”

As soon as they were mentioned, almost simultaneously we all recalled the time in 2009 that their name was all over the news after being busted for a $1 million theft and being on the run from the cops in Duluth, Ga. (a suburb of Atlanta, Ga.).

We were curious about whatever happened with that story and we found out a whole lot more. Wait ’til you check out Soul 4 Real today and see where they are now…NEXT PAGE>>>

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