Arsenio Revealed Candid Details About His Sex Life With A Famous R&B Ex

Posted On : August 5, 2015

Arsenio Hall admitted some really interesting things about the time he dated a very well known singer from the 80’s. Some of you may recall hearing about it, but it was never confirmed back in the day. Well Arsenio decided to open up about their sex life and how he truly felt about her during that time and let’s just say he gave us the X-rated version and not the PG.

Here’s a hint: Della Reese, Lela Rochon (“Sunshine”) and Redd Foxx’s roles in the film, Harlem Nights, have some things in common with Arsenio and his ex-beau thang. See what he said below…

Arsenio Talks About Ex, Paula Abdul

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Funnyman ARSENIO HALL will always have fond feelings for ex-girlfriend, Paula Abdul – because she was great in bed and she laughed so hard she would pee.
The pair dated in the late 1980s.
Hall…admits he’ll always cherish the time he spent as the ‘Straight Up” singer’s lover.
He says, “I know that everybody has opinions about Paula and what she’s about, but my experiences with her – best girl to hang with on the planet. Me and Paula would laugh so much… Paula would laugh and then pee… There’s nothing more important than having a woman get your sense of humor, and for your woman to pee is like a standing ovation.

“I was madly in love with her… That’s my girl to death and I’m always there for her.
“You know how people say Paula’s eccentric… Imagine how amazing she is sexually… Can you throw your woman in the air and she turn into sunshine?”

Remember the Harlem Nights hint we gave you? Noticed the connection between what Arsenio said and the scene from the movie where Della Reese is describing “Sunshine” to Redd Foxx? For those who don’t get that, watch the movie and you’ll see what we’re talking about. Ordinarily we’d share it with you, but it’s a lil’ too explicit to repeat on here.

To say Arsenio gave TMI (too much information) is an understatement, but we dig his honesty. He knows Paula well, so he probably knows she wouldn’t be offended by his reveal, in fact, she may even take that as the compliment that it was intended to be…you never know.

Arsenio and Paula were also rumored to have rekindled their relationship for a while in 2009, but neither one of them confirmed if that were true.

It sounds like they have a good connection, so to see them together again would be great, but as far as we know, that ain’t happening any time soon.

Question: Do you think having a great sexual connection in a relationship, is just as vital as having a great emotional connection?

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